Trends of Video Game

In order for video game to be successful, they have to keep up to the trends. By Keep to the trend they will gain many profit, if not they be similar to the phone company “Black Berries”. (Stuart & Webber, 2015)

The first trend is the parents who are growing up playing video game are giving advice to their kids what games to play.

The second trend is complete freedom of gameplay to choose what you want to do and when you want to do it that is similar to real life.

The third trend is get physical, instead of sitting on the sofa play game on the big screen TV, get up and get physical with dancing or exercise games.

The forth trend is connect social network and video games, to make it able to share your accomplishment, problem, or chat with your friends and this will gain many people participate the game.

The Fifth trend is player as creator, offering gamer to create their own levels or stages to share to other. There gamer sell their creation to other players.

The six trend is minor Indies games becoming major player, instead of the game once just for small audience, the indie team bring it to the main stream and the project has become “No Man’s Sky” is one of the most anticipated game everyone await for.

The seventh trend is crowdfunding, it is basically large number of people giving their money to fund a project.

The eight trend is bring gaming to retirement, there a lot older people who are retire and don’t know what to do by playing game giving them a sense of purpose since they don’t have an energy to their hobby so gaming can take care of that.

The ninth trend is virtual reality, for a point of your life you might think if could go into that movies or stories to see that amazing world, but with virtual reality is might not be a dream as technology getting more advance so is gaming so think playing a game in another world. How amazing would that be?


These trends are guiding video game industries to a greater chance to become successful in the future.  Trends are important for gaming as they change the industries has to change with to be ahead of the others. It is important to know which trend they should follow so you have to carefully keep track of them.

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Video Game has come into our life

Video gaming industries continuously growing from a simple moving dot on the screen of arcade to 2D graphic and now we can play amazing games with 3d graphic with wireless controllers, wow talk about huge improvement over 70s years from 1960s.

As time pass, there are more and more people playing video games because now it is not just a simple moving image but a full blown adventure, action and Stories, plus the gameplay and graphic are getting better each passing years. As in the pass we have to play games with buttons and joy sticks but now we can play game moving our body in front of the motion sensor (XBOX currently best at the market).

Just as Todd Howard, the Bethesda game studio said on E3 show case for Fallout 4,

“Games can do things that other entertainment can’t, they can transport you to new world, they can give you the true wonder of discovery, and often the pride of accomplish something in the game a wonderful moment.” (gameslice, 2015)

Also with the new technology come out video game slowly coming into part of our life, now a day it is not weird to see almost all the house hold who have a child and minimum income will have a video game counsel sitting in their houses.

There are many video game company out there, because there are many profit can be made. Pokémon the similar game play last since 1997, but still millions of people buying it, Call of Duty is a violent gun shooting game with multiplayer, that popular throughout the world, and LOL (as in League of Legend) many child, teen and adult are playing it because it is so fun, easy and enjoyable. Video game can be used to improve our skills, for example people use XBOX Kinect to train their dace move, army use it to train pilots and gun fight. Video game has become our way of life and we didn’t even know it.

Do you agree or disagree on my opinion, if not leave a comment below. Or if you want me to talk about any other gaming industry or game, leave a comment. Thank you.


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Far Cry

Hello again, below are some video to introduce you about Far Cry Primal if you don’t Know what is it about:

(And warning these video contain blood, gore, and nudity so if you’re a kid, Please close this blog now.)

Now enjoy!


Far Cray Primal

In this game you play as the character Takkar at Mesolithic time period (after Ice age), who is a tribal man who is lost, wounded, and weaponless. He and his people are the bottom of the food chain, since this world Oros where you have fear not just dangerous animal but also Carnivores Tribe and Fire willing cultists. you are on you own trying to re-unite with your tribe by surviving, killing, and running away with various weapon like club, bow, and knife and the ability to tame and command animal to help you. (Ubisoft, Feb 9, 2016)


Far Cry series is all about survival and from hunted to be the hunter. First few series are mostly first person shooter with gun, rocket and other advance weapon, but there is already many games have that already for example COD (Call of Duty) with the zombie mode which attract millions of gamer, GTA (Grand Theft Auto) with ultimate freedom to do what you and when you want, etc. so they does not stand out that much.

And Far Cray Primal change everything the idea going back to stone age and see how they might have live and a world that is unknown to us which excite me and many other people similar to how was the world begin or was there actually a God they are mysteries that is many people are interested. Far Cry has went a direction where GTA and COD cannot consider the Age of Beginning. GTA and COD need to stay at a time period where they have Guns and Technology which is from the 1800s to future, even if they add a plot of time travel it won’t be the same so Far Cry got them on that one. Far Cry has done a nice job on this Project, I am very excited about what they have install for us next time.

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Bethesda, has done it again. With the release of everyone’s long awaiting game “Fallout 4”. It is dominating the gaming industry and has left many games in dust like “Call of duty”.

On the Official Site of Bethesda, they have announce that Fallout 4 was successfully launch on November 13, it was sold 12 million of copies and Bethesda had earn sales over $750 million within 24 hours and Fallout 4 Pip-Boy™ Edition was sold out within hours that was announce.(BETHESDA SOFTWORKS ANNOUNCES SUCCESSFUL LAUNCH OF FALLOUT® 4, 2015)  And Fallout 4 Pip-Boy™ Edition, which is contain the original game with extension pack and a Pip-Boy … can you believe a Pip-Boy, I was shock when I heard it on Bethesda E3 Showcase from Tom Howard. So I quickly run out my house and went to EB Game Store to pre-order it with my friend so I have larger chance to get it. And yes I did get it so yay for me. The image below is a Pip-Boy.



In Fallout 4, the player play as the sole survivor of Vault 111, where you entre a world that destroy and change by nuclear war. In that world you can meet many people, robots, androids, and Ghoul which are people who survive the large amount of radiation and live but in exchange their skin is melted of look like monster. But as people change so is the animals and insects, for example ants, bees, mantis has become larger and more deadly and Deathclaw the most powerful creature in the Fallout Universe, It was reptile that were genetically engineer by the American military as a weapon an now dominating the wasteland. This is game allow you to explore, meet people, killing monster, and learn stories of the new world, and with the complete freedom of being a good guy to rebuild the word or being a bad guy who destroy and ruin other people’s life.

This is the reason why lot of gamers and critics love this game, Bethesda make this Game so good that a man sue the company for it is so addicted which led to losing his job and wife. That how good it is, so what are you waiting for go and get a copy of Fallout 4.


Do you agree or disagree on my opinion, if not leave a comment below. Or if you want me to talk about any other gaming industry or game, leave a comment. Thank you.

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