Trends of Video Game

In order for video game to be successful, they have to keep up to the trends. By Keep to the trend they will gain many profit, if not they be similar to the phone company “Black Berries”. (Stuart & Webber, 2015)

The first trend is the parents who are growing up playing video game are giving advice to their kids what games to play.

The second trend is complete freedom of gameplay to choose what you want to do and when you want to do it that is similar to real life.

The third trend is get physical, instead of sitting on the sofa play game on the big screen TV, get up and get physical with dancing or exercise games.

The forth trend is connect social network and video games, to make it able to share your accomplishment, problem, or chat with your friends and this will gain many people participate the game.

The Fifth trend is player as creator, offering gamer to create their own levels or stages to share to other. There gamer sell their creation to other players.

The six trend is minor Indies games becoming major player, instead of the game once just for small audience, the indie team bring it to the main stream and the project has become “No Man’s Sky” is one of the most anticipated game everyone await for.

The seventh trend is crowdfunding, it is basically large number of people giving their money to fund a project.

The eight trend is bring gaming to retirement, there a lot older people who are retire and don’t know what to do by playing game giving them a sense of purpose since they don’t have an energy to their hobby so gaming can take care of that.

The ninth trend is virtual reality, for a point of your life you might think if could go into that movies or stories to see that amazing world, but with virtual reality is might not be a dream as technology getting more advance so is gaming so think playing a game in another world. How amazing would that be?


These trends are guiding video game industries to a greater chance to become successful in the future.  Trends are important for gaming as they change the industries has to change with to be ahead of the others. It is important to know which trend they should follow so you have to carefully keep track of them.

Works Cited

Stuart, K., & Webber, J. E. (2015, July 23). 16 trends that will define the future of video games. Retrieved March 2, 2016, from theguardian:


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