Video Game has come into our life

Video gaming industries continuously growing from a simple moving dot on the screen of arcade to 2D graphic and now we can play amazing games with 3d graphic with wireless controllers, wow talk about huge improvement over 70s years from 1960s.

As time pass, there are more and more people playing video games because now it is not just a simple moving image but a full blown adventure, action and Stories, plus the gameplay and graphic are getting better each passing years. As in the pass we have to play games with buttons and joy sticks but now we can play game moving our body in front of the motion sensor (XBOX currently best at the market).

Just as Todd Howard, the Bethesda game studio said on E3 show case for Fallout 4,

“Games can do things that other entertainment can’t, they can transport you to new world, they can give you the true wonder of discovery, and often the pride of accomplish something in the game a wonderful moment.” (gameslice, 2015)

Also with the new technology come out video game slowly coming into part of our life, now a day it is not weird to see almost all the house hold who have a child and minimum income will have a video game counsel sitting in their houses.

There are many video game company out there, because there are many profit can be made. Pokémon the similar game play last since 1997, but still millions of people buying it, Call of Duty is a violent gun shooting game with multiplayer, that popular throughout the world, and LOL (as in League of Legend) many child, teen and adult are playing it because it is so fun, easy and enjoyable. Video game can be used to improve our skills, for example people use XBOX Kinect to train their dace move, army use it to train pilots and gun fight. Video game has become our way of life and we didn’t even know it.

Do you agree or disagree on my opinion, if not leave a comment below. Or if you want me to talk about any other gaming industry or game, leave a comment. Thank you.


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