Bethesda, has done it again. With the release of everyone’s long awaiting game “Fallout 4”. It is dominating the gaming industry and has left many games in dust like “Call of duty”.

On the Official Site of Bethesda, they have announce that Fallout 4 was successfully launch on November 13, it was sold 12 million of copies and Bethesda had earn sales over $750 million within 24 hours and Fallout 4 Pip-Boy™ Edition was sold out within hours that was announce.(BETHESDA SOFTWORKS ANNOUNCES SUCCESSFUL LAUNCH OF FALLOUT® 4, 2015)  And Fallout 4 Pip-Boy™ Edition, which is contain the original game with extension pack and a Pip-Boy … can you believe a Pip-Boy, I was shock when I heard it on Bethesda E3 Showcase from Tom Howard. So I quickly run out my house and went to EB Game Store to pre-order it with my friend so I have larger chance to get it. And yes I did get it so yay for me. The image below is a Pip-Boy.



In Fallout 4, the player play as the sole survivor of Vault 111, where you entre a world that destroy and change by nuclear war. In that world you can meet many people, robots, androids, and Ghoul which are people who survive the large amount of radiation and live but in exchange their skin is melted of look like monster. But as people change so is the animals and insects, for example ants, bees, mantis has become larger and more deadly and Deathclaw the most powerful creature in the Fallout Universe, It was reptile that were genetically engineer by the American military as a weapon an now dominating the wasteland. This is game allow you to explore, meet people, killing monster, and learn stories of the new world, and with the complete freedom of being a good guy to rebuild the word or being a bad guy who destroy and ruin other people’s life.

This is the reason why lot of gamers and critics love this game, Bethesda make this Game so good that a man sue the company for it is so addicted which led to losing his job and wife. That how good it is, so what are you waiting for go and get a copy of Fallout 4.


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